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APCCAS-2008 Presentation




Terence Chan Presented an Advanced RaceCheck Technology Paper at APCCAS-2008

Jan 5, 2009

Terence Chan, the CEO and President of Dynetix Design Solutions Inc, presented a paper at the IEEE Asian Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems 2008, at Macao, China, on Dec 3, 2008. The paper was based on new patent-pending RaceCheckTM technologies that can audit hard-to-detect race logic that occurs when ESL-based inter-process communication (IPC) objects, such as FIFO's, mailboxes, event variables, mutexes or semaphores, are used in advanced SoC circuits. These IPC-based race logic are not audited by any other EDA tools.

Both the RaceCheckTM and V2simTM products are now available in production release.

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